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Transform your business using strategic, time-tested systems based on one of the world's most admired companies...
"Jeff took his 30 years of Disney leadership experience, and built a better mouse trap for businesses worldwide." -- John R.
What makes companies like Apple, Harley-Davidson, and Disney so irresistable?

Is it magic, or perhaps pixie dust?

It's risk taking. But not with money. It's in their willingness to think "inside the box" to find solutions to their biggest business challenges. What's "inside the box" thinking all about? Discover how Jeff's unique business insights and methodologies, gleaned from 30 years with Disney, can transform your organization.

Change of course

Back to basics is the new "unconventional." Discover your untapped resources.

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Keynote Presentations

Transform your business using Jeff's signature "in the box" proven business methods.

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Podcasts from the Jungle

Featuring insights from Jeff's 30 years of Disney leadership.

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